For most of us, mothers are really special people. They love and nurture their children, providing their needs before her own. Even in the best of circumstances it can be a very difficult job.

Today, there are many mothers that are single parents, not having a husband to provide the love and support that any family needs. Sadly, many of these mothers for a variety of reasons become homeless. Now, not only do they face the challenges raising a child, they must do it with no place to call home.

Photography by Carey Schaeffer
The lucky ones are taken into a shelter where she and her children will have a bed and a hot meal. Some mothers will find a cheap motel and live in a single room on a week to week basis. Others may live in a car or on the city's streets. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to try to raise a family under these conditions.

Mothers deserve to have one day dedicated to them where they are recognized for all that they give. Homeless mothers are no exceptions. Marsha Donner recognized this special need.